The notion of giving some things back to science crystallised during my wonderful trip to teach at the GCRF Workshop in Mendoza, Argentina. It was the hunger, enthusiasm and delight I saw in the delegates (not to mention the wonderful venue and ancillary benifits in wine and food) that whetted my apetite to consider what may be possible.

“Giving something back” and nurturing others is a passion of mine. I might now be an overweight (late!) middle-aged Oxford graduate, thus fitting a certain demographic, but at the age of 18 I crossed my own Rubicon – coming from a rural council estate and a family with little academic pedigree, I was the first from my local former secondary modern school to secure a place at Oxford, thus increasing the diversity of an already progressive college.  Wadham College’s continuing leadership in expanding “Access to Excellence” is a shining light in nurturing opportunities for those from diverse backgrounds – and I am eternally grateful for my own chance.

This is a link to my Presentation on TB target DprE1 to the RSC?SCI Med Chem meeting in Camdridge (Sept2017) – part of a live Webinar section on neglected diseaes. My talk satrts at 1h 24min.

This will complement the rewarding experience of working closely with the GSK Diseases of the Develping World, The Open Lab Foundation and the SAB of Project ORCHID.

My considerable experince in all phases of drug disocovery up to candidate selection should serve well for most stages of academic or charitable programmes.

Please do contact (via LinkedIn or via this page) if you believe I may be able to help.