What can I do to help against Covid-19 in isolation?

Well… helping to focus research efforts by picking the more likely winners has to be a good start (and better use of time, resources and money). We have all seen the good, the bad and the ugly in our Med Chem careers – and over 30 years I’d like to think my eyes were trained to spot the bad, the ugly and the PAINs amongst the best of them.

In the spirit of “don’t ask people about their successes, ask what they learned of their failures,” as a semi-retired independent consultant (with past experience in Anti-virals) I would be happy to offer honest and candid advice, Pro Bono, to any non-profit organisations setting out on or advancing a drug discovery programme for Covid-19.

Please share with anyone who may be interested.

Understand the target(s) you are trying to engage – what are the risks and the opportunities?

How good is your molecule? Will it reach the site of action?

How does your molecule compare with other known agents at the purported target?

What are the risks with the structure – is it a potential PAIN – a Pan Assay Interference compound? Or other structural alerts?